Do your candidates use zoom?

You Zoom, But Do Your Candidates?

By now it is safe to say your company has experienced a drastic change in how you communicate and do business. Zoom/Skype/Teams… everything has shifted to a little box on your screen. And you are used to it: sweatpants and dress shirts are the new business attire!

But are your candidates quite as comfortable?

While you can’t offer iced water or a fancy latte when you greet them for an interview, there are a few things you can do to make sure candidates feel the same warm welcome through the screen that you used to offer in person.

  1. Offer technical empathy: If your candidate had some technical difficulty logging on, shrug it off and offer some empathy. Make small talk until they seem comfortable again. You may miss out on a good candidate who got a little frazzled by things starting off on the wrong foot. Don’t let technical issues ruin a great opportunity!
  2. Let them meet the team: A highly sought-after candidate can feel disconnected to the company if it is just one of many video interviews that they are doing. If possible, allow for them to hear from leadership and other team members to get a sense of the company culture. If you do this, try to not create a panel interview, but rather a meet and greet.
  3. Seeing is still believing: If you are still in the office and this position will require the person to be onsite, consider offering a virtual tour in the final stages of the interview. This makes the position seem more concrete and allows your candidate to picture themselves accepting the position. This increases your chances of your candidate saying “yes” to an offer.

Need more tips?

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