High-Volume Ramps

This is what our high-volume ramps can bring you:

High Volume

Hiring events with up to 50 candidates hired in a single day.

High Speed

Reduced time-to-fill and optimization of your recruiting process, helping you meet your hiring goals.

High Accuracy

High-touch process produces interview conversion rates up to 85%.

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Plan of Action

Our action plan begins with a regionalized strategy for every hiring target. We get to know each location and all that the area has to offer to candidates. Next, is the experienced candidate pool. This can include your competitors if you would like us to extract talent from anyone in particular. It also includes campus recruiting. Finally, representing our regionalized access to the local military installations, including the guard and reserve units that surround each of your opportunities.

There are over 200,000 active duty military members that transition each year, and in addition there are over 800,000 National Guard or reservists, and their spouses ready to work. Access to this talent pool is not just about connections, but also knowledge. Military officers and enlisted personnel have skill sets that others are unaware of, and this helps us to tap into a candidate marketplace that is second to none.

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Flexible Best Practices

We create an industry leading candidate experience and a smooth integration with your internal processes to ensure that these candidates make it across the finish line.

One example of our volume hiring process includes exclusive, invite-only hiring events. Here we bring a vetted, diverse selection of candidates pre-sold on your job opportunity directly to you, either in person, or more likely now virtually, to interview. As a part of this candidate experienced focused process we can set up a short presentation from your leadership set up interviews with your decision makers, and streamline the process to allow for offers the same day.

We have hired over 100 veterans in a single day using this virtual method.