Why Hire Veterans?

Why Hire Veterans?

We can tell you why from experience.

Whalls group is pleased to announce that we will be the recipient of the Department of Labor’s HIRE Vets Medallion Award on November 10, 2020. The HIRE Vets Medallion is the only federal award recognizing exceptional achievement in veteran employment. By meeting the criteria required for a Gold Medallion Award, Whalls Group demonstrated both patriotism and recognition of the value veterans bring to the workplace.

So, what value do veterans bring to Whalls Group’s team?

Teamwork: Veterans are trained to be team players. Rather than individuality, they see not just the benefits, but the necessity of team efforts. This team-focused dynamic plays a key role in a business’ success in today’s world.

Diversity: Military experience brings together Americans from every corner of the country, with varying viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. Veterans learn that in diversity there is strength, and that unity and success are the result of respect, honor, and support of one another.

Training: There is no greater supplier of qualified individuals than the US Military. Regardless of their role, every veteran has undergone intense training, and has proven their ability to work with precision under pressure. This transferable skill, along with world class training in their specific area of expertise means they will ramp up quickly, work with integrity, and deploy a “will not stop until it’s done” mentality.

Do you want to benefit from having veterans on your team?

Work with Whalls Group.