What sets Whalls Group apart from other recruiting firms?

Mark R. Whalls has experience as a National Manager with Navy Recruiting Command and has built out two Fortune 500 military and veteran recruiting programs for corporate America.


With this firsthand knowledge of the expectations, reservations, and requirements that large companies may have when seeking military veteran talent, Whalls Group has an intimate knowledge of the corporate culture that these candidates are hired into we know what appeals to hiring managers and also what deters them.


What this well-balanced knowledge affords us is the insight and ability to navigate the working relationship between corporate America and our US veterans.


We are aware of the importance of educating corporate hiring teams on the value of hiring veterans,  and training them on how to recognize and mostly, to utilize the skillsets that these veterans bring to a company.


“When working with these highly qualified veterans as they separate from the military, as a former military recruiter, I have come full-circle and can fulfill my promise to them, that the skills they acquired during service will now greatly benefit them when making career choices.”

Mark R. Whalls

What is the value of my military experience to corporate America?

Corporate America has and continues to recognize that the experience and training veterans have had as part of their military career can be invaluable to the long-term success of their companies because:

Veterans understand that actions and behaviors reflect on an organization.

  • Our military personnel have had the opportunity to interact with people of many countries and thus have cross-cultural skills.
  • Veterans are innovative thinkers. Having been in the field requires adapting to uncertain or changing circumstances, sometimes without the availability of assistance from back-up teams. This develops innovative thinking skills.
  • Many veterans have excellent presentation skills. Some have fielded inquiries from Congressional representatives; others have spoken before senior executives (such as a Four-Star General). Delivering accurate information and being clear in meaning are both critical.
  • They are quick thinkers. Real-world scenarios in the military with life-or-death consequences can help hone focused thinking aligned with quick action under pressure.
  • They exercise preparedness and flexibility. Readiness for deployments or impromptu operations plays a central role in many military job descriptions. Understanding that uncertainty is the norm yields flexible employees.
  • They have insight as to how their actions impact other people.

Our military veterans have demonstrated commitment to the greater good. They have shown that they are willing put themselves in danger to protect our freedom. Being able to sacrifice personal reward for greater, collective good is a valuable asset.

What industries/types of companies do you recruit for?

Industries include but are not limited to:


Oil & Gas



Field Service Technicians & Engineers


Finance & Accounting


Project Management


Information Technology

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device



Call Centers

Human Resources



Supply Chain & Logistics

Distribution Supervisors

Campus Recruiting

Cyber Security

I’m not sure what I want my next job to be. Can you help me?

We can match your skill-sets to job descriptions across many industries. Then you can choose which industries and jobs would be of interest to you.

Do your recruiters work locally or nationally?

Whalls Group works with candidates and companies both locally and nationally. As a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices, we have an extensive network across the country and a collaborative team culture, resulting in our unrivaled ability to deliver results regardless of geographic circumstances.

Do you provide services for job seekers from any location?

Yes, Whalls Group can work remotely with any candidate anywhere in the world.

If I provide my information, will you keep it confidential?

Absolutely. Ethics, honesty, candidate privacy and discretion are required by every professional at every level at Whalls Group.

Is there a fee for your services?

Our search services are paid by our clients. Candidates are never charged a fee to use our services.

I’m looking for a contract position. How can you assist me?

Whalls Group has a team of professionals that specialize in assisting candidates across the United States find quality, profitable, and meaningful short-term or contract positions.

How can I get in touch with a Whalls Group recruiter?

We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your career ambitions. Please register online with Whalls Group. A recruiter will review your submission and, if your skillset matches one of our open positions, they will contact you.

What is the process if I register online?

Once you register online with Whalls Group, your request is submitted directly to a recruiter who specializes in the functional position you are seeking. Next, if your skillset matches one of our open positions, you will be contacted by a recruiter and they will engage you with the service that you need to find the right company and position for you.

Whalls Group was founded by Mark Whalls who built the successful military talent acquisition programs for both JPMorgan Chase and Aetna from inception to completion. We have a track record of success in both high-level corporate build outs, as well as high pressure, high-volume ramps.